My uneven breasts make it hard to find a fitting bra, one cup is always either too big or too small. I used to be selfconscious about them being so saggy but I guess that’s just a beauty standard I internalized. They are actually nice breasts.

I don’t wonder why I love you, I don’t have to know. It’s just so. I adore you from your head down to your baby toe. It’s just so. Sometimes I get scared and hesitate because it seems strange to be so intimate. It makes me uncomfortable but I’ll get used to it. I don’t want to hide it now I need to let it show. It’s just so. When you hold me close I feel a warm and happy glow. It’s just so. Sometimes I’m unsure if you’re the one or my best friend who I’m clinging to. My feelings change so quickly so I’ll trust you to lead me.

-Of Montreal, from It’s Just So

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You were red. You liked me cause I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.

-i read this 12 times (via fusels)

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Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out.

-Sylvia Plath  (via loav)

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I want
to notice

when I’m not around.

-Radiohead, from Creep  (via wolf-cub)

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rough night ahead

jo ur a babe

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Toshio Saeki

She’s the type of girl I could spend hours sitting in silence with and be the happiest girl in the world. Her smile is so contagious and fuck.. those eyes. Those eyes are so addicting, when they meet mine my heart drops to the ground. I want to pick it up and give it to you.. but god it’s so soon.

-I like you so fucking much. (via nonmuggles)

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On the Roof by Hidehiro Kigawa on Flickr.


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